Begley Overhead Doors Ltd.


26 Holtby Avenue,
Brampton, ON, Canada

About Us

Begley began designing and fabricating Overhead Door Systems in 1955. Quality was the objective and a better door was the product.
From the beginning, Begley has been innovating with a series of industry firsts.

1. Link-belting Counterweight Systems

Property Managers, Architects and Spec Writers understand the ROI benefits of a quality system that reduces maintenance and provides long-lasting reliability.

2. Wall-mounted Control Panels with Gear-Driven Trolleys.

Controls are no longer attached to the chassis reducing the damaging effects of vibration and enhancing long-term reliability. Safety is improved when access is easier for servicing.

3. The Magnetic Loop System

Begley introduced the magnetic loop system for underground parking applications and is one of the first to make it standard on our door systems. Saw cut into the ramp, it is far superior to older style vacuum hose system.

4. Microwave Motion Detector

The microwave motion detector reverses the door reducing the potential for impact between door and vehicle.

5. Safety Photo Cell

The Safety Photo Cell across the opening replaces the safety edge on the bottom of the door. The photo cell signal reverses the door preventing the door from hitting the vehicle and doing damage to the vehicle.

6. Swing Gate Door

Begley’s Swing Gate Door offers real design innovation with unlimited design options. It is extremely quiet to run and has fewer moving parts for less maintenance.

7. Whisper Drive – Soft Start/Stop

We engineered a DC drive trolley operator with PLC controls to produce a better door – a door with a Soft Start/Stop for a whisper quiet operation. If you live above that garage door, you will appreciate the silence.

Whisper Drive is now our standard operator. It includes a battery backup that keeps the door open when a power failure occurs and stays open until power is re-established.

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